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Highgate Works was originally the builders’ yard of the well-known H&E Waters company whose business failed in 1991.The original roof-lines of the old ramshackle yard, half a mile south of the two Forest Row roundabouts, have been retained in a complete rebuilding of the old timber structures that survived for most of the twentieth century. The three-dimensional architects’ “axonometric”drawing gives some idea of the attractive development.
HIGHGATE SIX originally housed the barrel-polishing equipment associated with the silver plating works of First Impressions. The premises have been totally refurbished with new DOUBLE-GLAZED WINDOWS, plasterwork, electrics, plumbing and high grade non-slip “Altair” welded vinyl flooring.The building is rated by the Wealden District Council for B1 use: “B1 Business - Offices (other than those that fall within A2), research and development of products and processes, light industry appropriate in a residential area.” Additional permissions may be required for the operation of some businesses: Wealden Council can advise.

ONE ROOM approximate size 2.66m x 5.49m= 14.6 square metres or 8’ 9”’ x 18’ = 157 sq ft. PLAN HERE.


CAR PARKING: Rental figure includes ONE car parking space reserved for your exclusive use. If this is not required the rent will be reduced by £7 per week. No charge is made for visitors’ parking. There is usually space available in Tomtits Lane or on site for use of casual visitors. Additional reserved car spaces are occasionally available. Each additional car space is £7 per week if required.

TOILETS: There are no toilets in this unit. Use of the toilet facilities opposite P J Autos Garage is included in the rental price. Both male and female toilets are cleaned and provided for each day.

ELECTRICITY: METER 33, sited inside the unit high up to the left of the front door, measures exact units consumed. Electricity is currently billed by e-on. Bills are presented quarterly by the landlord. The tenant will pay 13.3 pence per unit to include climate change levy. Additionally each tenant will pay the agreed daily standing charge of 27p per day.

HOT WATER: hot water is provided over the main sink by TRITON T30i electric handwash.

WASTE COLLECTION: £2.50 per week covers the use of one eighth of one of the 1100 litre green waste-bins on wheels in the lane; or £13 per month or £5 per week for one quarter bin.

WATER RATES: £2 per month. Water and waste water are covered by the Water Meter Number: 04M121386 in Tomtits Lane.Payment is divided equitably between the occupied offices of the main building.

WASTE-WATER CHARGE: £3 per month.

SIGNAGE: £50 plus VAT will cover three permanent signs engraved in weatherproof plastic; for the door, the lane and the car park.

DEPOSIT: A deposit of £1200 is returned at the end of any agreement if the premises are returned in the same decorative condition they were in at the start of the term.

INSURANCE:  AVIVA provide property insurance as one policy on the whole of Highgate Works. External repairs; pathway and road maintenance; gutters and leaf clearance; all the responsibility of the landlord. The tenant is responsible for all interior decoration.The office will be newly decorated and a deposit will be retained to ensure that the premises are returned in the same decorative order they were in at the start of the tenancy. Contribution to insurance cover £6 per month.

RATES:  £33.30 psm per annum (2018/2019 multiplier 0.493 ). You may check the rates on the website of The Valuation Office: www.2010.voa.gov.uk.The billing authority reference number is Ba120501152270.

REFERENCES REQUIRED: Two business references (and previous landlord where applicable) will be required before agreement.

An example: If the tenancy starts on January 1st, the initial payment (three months' rent in advance) will cover rent up to the end of March.First payment by standing order on February 1st will pay rent for the month of April. It follows that, if three months' notice to end the tenancy is given part way through any month, there will be still to pay that part of the final month that matches the rental days in the current month that have just passed.In other words, if you wish a tenancy to end on August 15th, and you give notice on May 15th, the rent for 1st to 15th August is to be paid either separately or by the standing order that should be paid on 1st June which pays for the whole of August.In this case any overpayment of rent will be refunded at the end of the term.

01342 824246
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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